Entry #1

HI New to New grounds lol

2011-11-19 22:59:04 by Gla55angel

Well Hi lol um Im really looking for a new place to get to know artist and develop my own skills as an artist. the art on here is impressive and i'd love to be part of it :)


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2011-11-19 23:46:20

why hello! and welcome to Newgrounds!

Gla55angel responds:

Thank you!!


2011-11-21 23:43:40

you must watch steins;gate, because the eyes on your character looks just like it! Either way welcome to New grounds!

Gla55angel responds:

Thank you X) and actually i have never heard of it lol i just looked it up now and I love the style think you may have just given me something to watch lol again thank you!! :)


2011-11-22 23:18:37

Welcome to the art portal soldier.

Gla55angel responds:

Thanks Captain!


2011-11-25 02:24:12

Thanks for sharing your work. It's quite lovely! Also, you can add your dA link to the contact info box (go to the My acct. button where you log in) that's below your user pic on the left hand side.

Gla55angel responds:

Thank you so much for your nice comment :) and no problem at all I would be more then happy to!


2011-11-26 23:42:46

Hello and welcome to newgrounds, your art is awesome by the way :3

Gla55angel responds:

Thank you so much!


2011-12-02 06:10:51

awesome style. favorited!

Gla55angel responds:

Thank you!!!!!!! :)


2011-12-02 08:49:14

Welcome to the Newgrounds Art portal a whole new dimension where anything goes ;D anyway you have pretty awesome work ill be watching your work for a bit to see what you can offer everyone but judging by what ive seen from i dont think youll have any problems you have pretty good work i cant wait too see what youll bring to the art portal next Good luck and Welcome :D

Gla55angel responds:

Im glad to be here and thank you so much!! I will continue to do my best <3


2011-12-07 18:26:59

Hmm, this entry is fairly recent. Hello newcomer!

Yes, you'll find many great artist here on NG and most probably even have a DA accounts too. I checked out your gallery and your art looks pretty good from what I've seen so far, kinda makes me wonder if you like making mangas for a living.

If you ever need critiquing, helpful suggestions, or constructive criticism for any of your works let me know. I'll be glad to help.

I'll be checking out your gallery on DA, keep up the good work!


2011-12-09 18:41:31

Yay scouted!